Are you getting ready to get a new tattoo but have some questions? Can i bring in my own design? Can you draw a custom one of a kind tattoo for me? Can my child get tattooed?

Listed below are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions asked by people looking to get a tattoo at our shop. If you don't see the answers to a question that you are looking for send me an email or give us a call @ 630-851-9936 and we will be happy to get you the answers to your questions.

What is the starting price for tattoo's?

All of our prices start at $60.00 and go up from there, everything is based upon size, detail and placement of the tattoo design.

Will I need an I.D. and how old do you need to be to get tattooed?

Yes, everyone needs a State or Government I.D. to get tattooed and we will need to make a copy of the I.D. used. You Must Be 18 Years of Age to get tattooed, It is a Law in the State of Illinois, We Will Make No Exceptions !!

Can you give me an estimate for a tattoo?

Yes, we can but we cannot accurately give an estimate over the phone or through an email. Price is mostly determined by the size, detail and placement. So each tattoo has an individual cost. The best way is to stop by the shop and bring your idea with you so we can give you an estimate.

Can I bring in a design that I have or one that I have drawn myself?

Yes, we will need to see it a day or so ahead of time to make sure we can do it without any changes, if it needs to be changed or smoothed out we need time to do that, which can take a day or two.

Can I tell you what I want and you draw it?

Yes, but it’s best to have some ideas on paper, drawings or something printed out, or multiple print outs and we can combine them to make your tattoo. That will take time to design from a day or two, to a few days.

Are there any places on the body that you will not tattoo?

We will not tattoo the face or genitals.

Are there any conditions that would prevent me from getting tattooed?

Yes, Pregnant and nursing women, some skin conditions and if you are on blood thinners you should consult a doctor.

Can I sign a consent for my minor child to get a tattoo?

No, The Illinois State Law states that "NO ONE under the age of 18 can be tattooed regardless of a consenting parent, adult or guardian."

Do you do body piercing at Skin of A Different Color?

No, we no longer offer body piercing.

Do you do cosmetic tattooing at Skin of A Different Color?

No, we do not do permanent makeup.

Is it appropriate to tip my tattoo artist?

Yes, tipping is always appreciated! Thank You !!

How should I prepare for my tattoo?

Don't forget to eat and be well rested. Consider the area to be tattooed and be sure and wear appropriate clothing and something that is comfortable that allows us to get to the area that is to be tattooed.

Does Skin of A Different Color do house parties?

We like going to parties but not to tattoo, someone's home is not the proper environment to get a tattoo. Illinois has strict Laws where tattooing can be done and will inspect all areas prior to granting a State License and it would have to be inspected by the Illinois Health Department prior to ANY tattooing being performed.

Is it ok to drink alcohol prior to getting a tattoo or while getting a tattoo?

Is it not advisable to drink alcohol prior to getting a tattoo or while getting a tattoo, because you end up moving to much and it doesn't help alleviate the pain?